Grandmother of two children police say were killed by own mother reacts

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Two days after police say Christina Treadway killed her two children and then killed herself, the grandmother of those two children is reacting to what she has seen and heard.

Police say on Saturday, Treadway assaulted 3-year-old Iliyah Miller and 7-year-old Isiah Miller before leaving her home and jumping from a bridge onto I-485 in west Charlotte.

"She is not the person that people are saying she is," said Christina's mother, Patricia Treadway. "I love her very much and I still do."

Many rumors have circulated on social media about how the children died and why, but the family does not know the answer to that question.

Patricia Treadway says she believes there is more to the story than her daughter being depressed. Treadway said that her daughter was planning on moving back to California with the children this week.

"Somebody that has a plan to do something, does not do something like this," said Treadway.

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However, Treadway cannot understand why her daughter made the choice that she did. Killing her two grandchildren and leaving them with so many questions.

"Her children were her life. They were her life," said Treadway.  "We not only lost our daughter but our grandbabies too and what they could have been."

WBTV spoke to the father of the children again on Monday who said that Christina Treadway had been depressed for some time. He says he even tried to get her help but she didn't want the help.

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He denies that there was any domestic issues with the two. He also says there were no signs that Treadway would make such a drastic decision.

"I'll speak when I am ready. I plan to use this to bring awareness all around the country," said the father.

Meanwhile, an autopsy has been scheduled for the two children to determine exactly how they died.

"It is just a shame that they will not be able to fulfill their lives," said Gregory Moore, the children's grandfather on their dad's side. "Cherish the moments. Tell them everyday I love you, I love you. Don't wait for someone to die to tell them that you love them."

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