Charlotte man spots stolen car posted to Facebook while on Uptown lunchbreak

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - A Charlotte man named Greg was taking his normal lunchbreak in Uptown, when he noticed something he could not believe.

"What are the odds," he asked himself.

In an area filled with cars, he recognized one he had seen online —one reported stolen.

"Once I saw that it kind of made me think back to the post," he said Thursday.

Greg remembered a social media post from a Charlotte woman named Laura, who said her missing white Lexus had a unique license plate – "FTNSGURU."

"I was hopeful but I really didn't think anyone would ever see it," Laura says of her post.

But, Greg did see it. And he snapped a photo of the car and man driving it, then called police.

Laura says the car was taken early Tuesday morning. She says it was running in her driveway when she went back inside to grab a last minute item. When she came back out, it was gone.

Now, a shared online post – and a stranger's keen eye.

"It's really kind of nice to know someone is looking out for me," Laura said.

"It's always neat to make new friends even if it is weird circumstances," Greg said.

Both are now hoping this chance encounter turned friendship, will also lead to a crime, solved.

There is no word from CMPD on any leads on this missing car.

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