Truck owner still waiting to get vehicle after theft, police chase

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - The man who claims his vehicle was stolen from his driveway in Marshville Tuesday before being used to evade police in a chase said he still doesn't have his truck back.

The man spoke to WBTV under the condition of anonymity Wednesday evening.

He said the Chevorlet Silverado truck was stolen early Tuesday morning while he left it running in his driveway. The man said he was in his home getting ready for work when the theft occurred and he notified police as soon as he realized the truck was gone.

Tuesday afternoon the truck was spotted in Charlotte. Police followed the vehicle into Union County where deputies gave chase.

"I just figured they would find the vehicle on the side of the road somewhere or maybe pull somebody over driving it," the man said.

After a wild ride the truck did pull over. A man named Robert Wilson was arrested and charged in connection to the chase.

Many people watched the chase live on local news stations, but the truck owner had no idea the pursuit was even happening.

"I didn't watch any of it on the news so I was completely oblivious to anything until 6:30 p.m. They (law enforcement) told me my truck was found and in the impound lot," the owner said.

He said sheriff's deputies told him he couldn't get the truck right away because of the chase investigation and mentioned that he may see videos of his vehicle on the news.

The man said he then started seeing videos of the chase online.

"It was crazy to see the driving that was going on," the man said.

The owner said that without his truck he's had to make other arrangements for getting to work. He said he isn't worried about any damages to the vehicle because he has insurance.

The man said he also noticed in the chase videos that there are now items in the bed of the truck that weren't there before the vehicle was stolen. He said he hopes he'll be able to get his vehicle within a few days.

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