Mule shot with arrow, reward offered to find culprit

CALDWELL COUNTY, NC (WBTV ) - A mule that was shot with an arrow in December is back home in Caldwell County.

The mule, named John, was in a pasture along Deal Mill Road when he was shot in the neck with what appeared to be a crossbow arrow.

The mule suffered internal bleeding and was in intensive care at an animal hospital in Virginia for nine days.

"It was just meanness,"said Angie Annas, who along with her husband Roger, consider 15-year-old John just another member of the family.

So far, authorities have not found the suspect. Roger says the family has put up a $1000 reward and an additional $1000 is possible through Crimestoppers.

Anyone with information is urged to call the Caldwell County Sheriff's office or Animal Control. In the meantime, Angie says she'll keep her animals away from the roadside pasture and hope the culprit does not strike again.

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