VIDEO: Teachers use brooms and screams to scare squirrel out of classroom

GASTON COUNTY, NC (WBTV) - From the sound of the screams, Holbrook Middle School's lead custodian thought something was seriously wrong.

"I thought it was a grizzly bear or something," Josh Moore said.

Moore came running to the 7th grade hallway to find four teachers in a panic, not over a grizzly bear, but over a small pound squirrel that had sought refuge in a classroom.

"He was sitting up there on the Chromebooks and then on Ms. Dobson's desk," teacher Angi Russell said.

After students were released early Monday morning, the four women believe the squirrel somehow snuck into the school, possibly though an air duct. However, the way he left was all caught on camera.

"We made a blockade so that he couldn't get past us and funneled him out the door," Dobson said.

The video, which is rather hysterical, shows the teachers creating a rodent wrangling posse of sorts. Two were armed with brooms, while Moore worked to "shoo" the critter out of the room. Every time the rodent darted around the classroom, the shrieks started.

"We were terrified," Russell said with a grin, "squirrels are scary."

Eventually, the teachers-turned-rodent relocation team was able to guide the squirrel out into the hallway. In the closing shot of the video, teacher Anna Czekaj is screaming and running down the hall with a broom. In front of her, the simple squirrel, who likely will never try to enter the 7th grade hallway of Holbrook Middle School, ever again.

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