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Freezing weather causes major water main repairs, headache for Charlotte drivers, business owners

(Bria Bell | WBTV) (Bria Bell | WBTV)

The city of Charlotte will be spending millions of dollars repairing water main breaks throughout the city because of cold weather that has caused more underground issues increasing the number of crew members and lane closures.

There isn't a timeline addressing when lanes will open back up, but we do know longer closures mean more difficulties repairing the water pipes.  

 Several of the city's water main breaks are the result of the freezing cold snaps and a lot of people are affected because of it.

Crews are working overtime on pipe repairs causing lane closures resulting in major traffic delays in some areas like on Wilkinson Boulevard. 

What's usually a 15-minute commute for some has turned into an hour drive.    

Some businesses are getting the short end of the stick due to the water main maintenance. 

Barry Tobias runs The Athlete's Foot at the Wilkinson shopping plaza, he says business has been slow because of the nearby traffic. 

"People can't get in and out of the center and they don't want to stop," says Tobias. 

Not to mention, The Foot Factory has been without water for the last two days as crews continue working on fixing the water lines. 

The lack of water closed business completely for the nearby Little Caesar's and American Deli, which are just doors down from Barry's business.  

 "I understand things happen, but I wish we could get it fixed a little bit quicker so we can get back to business as usual," Tobias says. 

 As we wait for the repairs to be completed, Charlotte Water is asking for everyone's patience as they continue working to finish.

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