VIDEO: Matthews man says he was sucker punched during road rage incident

MATTHEWS, NC (WBTV) - A Matthews man said he was driving home from a religious service early Sunday morning when he found himself in the middle of a road rage incident.

Sixty-year-old Piotr Jaskiernia said he was traveling along Providence Road when a car drove past him with its high beams on. Jaskiernia said he turned on his high beams to alert the driver that their lights were on.

The two vehicles both stopped at a red light and simultaneously made the same turn onto Sardis Road. Jaskiernia said that when they made the turn, the other vehicle got behind him. He claims he started to slow down his car.

"A this point I just wanted him to go away so I slowed my vehicle, hoping he would go around me," said Jaskiernia about the other driver.

As the Matthews man slowed his vehicle, the other driver rear-ended him. A few seconds later the driver got out of his vehicle and approached Jaskiernia's driver's side window.

In dashcam video from Jaskiernia's car, the other driver can be heard asking Jaskiernia about insurance information. Jaskiernia responds by telling the man to call the police, and then things turned violent. Jaskiernia said the man punched him through his car window.

"He didn't like the idea to call the cops so he hit me through the window in the face," said the alleged victim.

The other driver can be seen speeding off on-camera after the altercation.

Jaskiernia said he didn't have his phone, but was able to get another driver to stop and contact police.

The alleged victim filed a police report, but said he didn't get a good look at the man who punched him. He had a family member post his dashcam video online to see if anyone would recognize the suspect's vehicle.

"I don't know why he punched me," Jaskiernia told WBTV. "I didn't provoke him in any way."

Jaskiernia said his car sustained around $3,000 in damage. He thinks the suspect was in a dark-colored Volvo S60 that may have been 10 to 15 years old.

Police told WBTV no arrests have been made in the case.?

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