‘Bizarre’ video by Panthers Fozzy Whittaker and Jonathan Stewart takes off on Twitter

‘Bizarre’ video by Panthers Fozzy Whittaker and Jonathan Stewart takes off on Twitter

CHARLOTTE, NC (Mark Price/The Charlotte Observer) - The Carolina Panthers season ended Sunday with a loss, but social media is still talking about a strange professional wrestling promo cut by Jonathan Stewart, Fozzy Whittaker and Christian McCaffrey (also known as "Run CMC").

"Bizarre," is how the website UPROXX described the clip, which features McCaffrey feigning an attack on Whittaker, while he's being interviewed in the locker room by Jonathan Stewart (using a water bottle as his microphone).

A chase ensues (with Stewart trying his best to run in flip flops on a wet floor), followed by a show down by one of the team's hot tubs. Whitaker then turns to the camera and gives a motivational speech.

"We're not worried about anybody or anything. It's about what we do. This week, it's about the Carolina Panthers," Whittaker yells into the camera like a wrestler. "Two words for you: Keep Pounding."

The minute-long video, called "Wrasslin' with Fozzy Whittaker & Jonathan Stewart," has been viewed 151,000 times and retweeted hundreds of times since being posted on the site UNINTERRUPTED.COM.

The same trio of players won hearts on social media earlier this season for surprising a widow with a serenade as she toured Bank of America Stadium. That video has been viewed nearly 300,000 times.

UPROXX chided the latest video, noting professional wrestling icon and former Charlottean Ric Flair had abandoned the team, and it "damaged the Panthers psyche in such a deep way that they are incapable of making logical wrestling videos."

Most fans got the jokes, however, including the plentiful wrestling references.

"My guys still having fun, no matter what. That is why Carolina is so successful as a team. They let nothing get them down," posted one viewer on Twitter.

"Love these fools," tweeted B.T. Pleasants.

"I'm certainly not a Panther fan, but glad to see a couple guys having fun...This video certainly puts them in a positive fun light," posted one viewer on Twitter.