Viral social media threat prompts extra security at three schools in the Carolinas

MONROE, NC (WBTV) - There will be extra security in place at three different high schools in the Carolinas Monday after a juvenile in Virginia reportedly made a threat on social media.

According to CBS 19, a juvenile in Virginia is in custody after allegedly posting a photo with several guns on Instagram. In the post, the person makes a threat against "MHS," prompting a response from schools in Chesterfield County, Monroe and Mooresville who share the same initials.

The threat was reportedly shared on an account under the name of Elias Fitzgerald, which read: "Don't go to school tomorrow MHS students. Loaded up bout to head out," according to CBS 19.

The original threat was believed to be about Monticello High School in Charlottesville. The juvenile who is in custody is believed to be the only person behind the treat, CBS 19 reports.

Officials said the threat is considered to be a hoax, according to CBS 19.

Although officials believe the threat is in reference to a school in Virginia, school officials with McBee High School in Chesterfield, Monroe High School and Mooresville High School are responding. The schools are taking precautions after the picture has since gone viral across the country.

As of Monday morning, the three local school districts have been reassuring parents on social media that they do not believe the threat is credible.

The school districts each say they will have extra security on campus Monday out of an abundance of caution for students' safety.

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