Panthers fans who traveled to New Orleans for playoffs react to loss

Panthers fans who traveled to New Orleans for playoffs react to loss

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - The Carolina Panthers season ended Sunday night after a loss to the New Orleans Saints. The game came down to the wire with the Panthers having a chance to take the lead on the final drive.

"We played our hearts out. That is all we could ask for," one fan said.  "It was nail biter. We almost gave them a heart attack. The cardiac cats," said another fan.

Fans said the team never really found their rhythm and didn't capitalize on key drives.

"We just couldn't score. The momentum was not there and then Cam getting hurt towards the end. It just killed everything for us," said one Panther's fan.

Despite the loss, many fans say they are proud of the way this team responded to all the outside noise this year.

"It has been a rough year. I just didn't think they would win as many as they did and then they got here and it just didn't work out," said one fan. "We have Cam. As long as we have Cam, I think we have a chance, with that defense. I think we have a chance."

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For the most part, Panther fans that made the trip say they had a good weekend and that Saints fans were gracious and kind.

"First and foremost, I hope the team stays in Charlotte. Other than that, just continue to win," said one fan.

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