Elderly Cleveland County woman begs apartment for working heat, says its been out since Thanksgiving

(Bria Bell/WBTV)
(Bria Bell/WBTV)

CLEVELAND COUNTY, NC (WBTV) - An elderly woman out of Cleveland County says she's almost at her breaking point now that she's had to live without working heat inside her apartment for over a month.

The owners of Mountainview Townhomes say they're working on the problem and while Sandra Morales, the woman who's been without working heat for weeks, says she has a few space heaters to keep warm inside the apartment, she's hoping she can out last the bitter freezing temperatures until then.

"I just want the heat," Morales says.

There is a space heater sitting in the living room to keep Morales warm - another one, which was even provided by the owners of the apartment complex, sits in the kitchen. But Morales says it's not enough to overtake the bitter cold snaps we've been hit with lately.

"The walls aren't insulated good, but it's never been this cold," she adds.

Her health is not the best and Morales who's lived at Mountianview Townhomes for over 40 years, says the lack of heat puts her in totally agony.

"I've got arthritis all through my body, my legs hurt so bad at night. I cry myself to sleep because they hurt and I can't get warm."

Not having heat has even taken an emotional toll on her, because she hasn't been able to keep her grandchildren.

"I can't keep my grandbabies because I don't want them in this cold apartment."

New owners bought out the complex back in the summer and are in the process of renovating units. The owners say they've offered to move Morales into a different unit, but Morales says she's hesitant.

"Why move into another apartment when you don't know if the heat is going to be good there or not?"

Apartment owners said a technician is scheduled to fix the heat unit on Tuesday. They also say they constantly check in on the well-being of Morales.

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