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BLOG: First Alert Day on Monday


Cold air has been in place for over a week now. Tomorrow will take temperatures to the upper 30s. That’s a step in the right direction. However, as the cold air is moving out, a weak disturbance is moving in.

If the two meet up at the right time, there could be a few pockets of light freezing rain/drizzle during the day on Monday.

The models have been trending toward a later onset of precipitation. For many of us, it will come in after the temperatures are above freezing and there will be little to no impact.

This First Alert Day has been issued out of an abundance of caution for the mountains and foothills. A little ice goes a long way. The precipitation should be very light. So light, that on a normal day, we might not give it much thought.

The concern is that with our prolonged cold weather, the ground is frozen. It won’t take much at all for especially bridges and overpasses to get a little accumulation.

Then, that tiny amount suddenly has a huge impact. An example would be a few weeks ago when there were wrecks around the Hendersonville/Asheville area due to freezing drizzle/fog. It doesn’t take much so just be extra careful if you see rain falling. (Remember, freezing rain looks like plain rain but freezes on contact.)

Again, this First Alert Day does not mean that there will be widespread icing and power outages. It means that travel could become dangerous if light rain hits frozen roadways. We’ll keep you posted!

Be safe out there!

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