Warming trend on the way for the workweek

Warming trend on the way for the workweek

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - * One more really cold day
* Warm up in sight
* Just one possible bump in the road.

Who's ready for a break from the extra cold temperatures? It looks like Sunday will be our last day with lows in the low teens and highs in the 30s.

Then comes the possible bump in the road. The models have been bringing in moisture Sunday night and Monday. It looked like there could be an issue with a winter mix.

As of now, things are looking promising for not having too many issues to deal with. There is less moisture and the whole system seems to be slowing down.

The best chance for precipitation will be from midday on Monday through the week, when the temperatures are above freezing. We should be back in the low 40s for the first time all year. We will continue to monitor the situation though.

By Tuesday and Wednesday, we will reach the 50s. By Thursday and Friday, look out for the 60s! (How's that for a turnaround?) The catch is that there is also a chance for rain by then. We need the rain but it might not be as fun to get outside to enjoy the milder temperatures.

Stay warm!

Meteorologist Leigh Brock

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