Despite the freezing temps, work around Charlotte must go on

(Ben Williamson/WBTV)
(Ben Williamson/WBTV)

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Charlotte saw record-breaking low temperatures on Friday morning and that cold didn't go away as the work day began.

Hundreds of workers had to go about their normal schedules on Friday and find ways to beat the freeze.

"It is frigid man, very cold. It was like 19 degrees yesterday," said Tate Thompson, a construction worker along South Blvd. "Constant moving, three layers of clothes. Just keep moving."

Tate is one of dozens of workers that are hired to work on the apartment construction in SouthEnd.

"I am a welder, so when I get cold I just go warm up some with my tool," said Tate.

Less than a mile from that construction site, about half a dozen employees were busy cleaning and washing cars at the AutoBell on South Blvd.

"It is all about layering up. 4 to 5 layers if you have to," said Jeff Hyatt, the manager. "You have to continue to drink water. Just because it is cold you can't forget to hydrate."

Hyatt says working on days like today is a chance to show customer loyalty.

"It gives us a chance to show our customers that we are going to be here no matter what," said Hyatt.

In the Cotswold area, Charlotte Water crews worked for hours to repair a water main break on Randolph Road that happened early Friday.

Officials say the cold temps could have lead to the break and also delays the repaving and repair of the road.

"The cold weather makes it really hard cause we can't get asphalt to repave," said Cam Coley, with Charlotte Water.

Crews have to work hours in temperatures below freezing so they find ways to stay warm.

"Lots of gloves, or changing and putting your hands in your pocket or in your car," said Coley. "They have to rotate, dry off, and keep warm as best they can."

Several businesses near the pipe break were impacted including Smash Burgers and Harris Teeter.

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