Family of business manager killed in Charlotte says arrest brings "peace and closure"

HICKORY, NC (WBTV) - Preston Scott Coffey would have celebrated his 45th birthday on Wednesday but he was murdered last October in Charlotte.

The day after his birthday, police arrested the man suspected of shooting and killing Coffey.

"It was a great birthday present I guess you could say cause that thought did cross my mind," Coffey's sister, Brandi Williams said.

"It will help bring closure to the family. We worried if this person was out there doing this to someone else. It will just help bring a little bit of peace and closure to all of us. It won't bring him back. At least we know the person who did this is behind bars."

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police say they charged Chrishna Fimbo with murder, attempted armed robbery and second degree kidnapping.

Ever since his killing, Coffey's relatives have been waiting for any breaks in the case - any information that could answer their questions.

For months, his immediate family never spoke publicly about his murder.

They decided to talk now.

"We want everyone to know just what an amazing person he was, what an amazing father and he was so full of life, so full of love," Williams said. "We're starting to get answers so we're really happy about that."

The family knows the divorced father of three was at a business park on Amity Court when police say he was killed late at night.

"To our knowledge he had plans of opening a fitness studio and he was over there working at night," Williams told WBTV. "There was a female with him and she was held at gunpoint and Scottie came out of the warehouse area and he was shot. I don't  know a lot of details other than that."

While his relatives say they don't yet have an answer to why he was killed, word of the arrest soothed a portion of their agony.

"I was numb and tingly and excited and thought yay this guy is behind bars and can't do this to somebody else," Williams said. "Then, at the same time, it was sadness because I don't understand why it happened and angry as to how he could do this to somebody."

Williams says her brother "was full of life. Everyone who knew him wanted to be around him "

She added, "he was funny, always a jokester, really big into fitness, really loving. His family always first. He was the sole provider for his three children. He cared for them solely."

In a week that was especially difficult for the family, little did Coffey's relatives know the day after his birthday would be significant.

"We're happy that this guy is caught. It will be a void that we'll always have forever," Williams said. "It won't bring him back but it will bring closure to us."

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