Who was that SC man photographed sitting on frozen pool, with a case of Busch?

Who was that SC man photographed sitting on frozen pool, with a case of Busch?

CHARLOTTE, NC (Mark Price/The Charlotte Observer) - Of all the images broadcast during this week's coastal ice storm, none got more attention than a Facebook post featuring a bundled up South Carolina man in a lawn chair, drinking beer on top of his frozen swimming pool.

Sitting beside him in the photo was a case of Busch, prompting countless "beer on ice" puns.

The photo, taken in Conway, was covered by news outlets across the country, which took to identifying the unknown drinker as "the Ice Man" and "the Pool Guy."

South Carolina TV station WMBF said it got countless responses to the photo on its website, so it tracked down the guy on Thursday and identified him as Tim McCoy, a native of Indiana who claims he sat on the pool because it reminded him of ice fishing in his youth.

McCoy and his wife, Tammy, say they have been astounded at the media coverage for something that was privately posted for family members to laugh at. But friends shared it with their friends and the image took off. The couple was soon on the phone with CNN, CBS, radio stations and TV outlets.

"Our phones just keep ringing, and texting and Facebooking, and I'm like, 'How in the world does this happen?' I mean we just took a picture," his wife Tammy McCoy told WMBF.

Tim McCoy told WMBF he was safe about the stunt, making sure the ice was at least three inches thick before stepping onto it. "I'd say this is the coldest winter I've experienced here...Something tells me I'm not far enough south," he said.

Social media appreciated McCoy's sense of humor, though some ribbed him for his choice of beer. Many also thought the photo was fake.

"Oh come on...this is photo shopped (sic)," posted Janet Shoffner on Facebook.

"My pool is the same way...It is true, this is happening!" responded Tracy Moses.

"Yep, it's from the south, he's drinking Busch Beer," wrote Michelle Marie Thompson.