CMS board member livestreams Elvis-themed Vegas wedding. Thousands have watched.

CMS board member livestreams Elvis-themed Vegas wedding. Thousands have watched.

(Ann Doss Helms/Charlotte Observer) - Rhonda Lennon's constituents have always been privy to her personal life, at least if they use social media.

During the eight years she has served on the Charlotte-Mecklenburg school board, Lennon has chronicled the breakup of her first marriage, her battle with breast cancer, her children's progress and her romantic adventures as a single mother.

So perhaps it comes as no surprise that almost 3,000 of her friends and acquaintances watched on Facebook as she walked down the aisle with an Elvis impersonator to pledge her love to Brent Cheek on New Year's Day. She entered to "I Can't Help Falling in Love With You," and the newlyweds sashayed down the aisle seven minutes later to "Viva Las Vegas."

Rhonda Cheek – yes, she changed her name – said afterward that the couple wanted something fun, but they opted to incorporate their faith by including a minister, a Bible reading and prayer.

"There are some that are really cheesy," she said. "We didn't want that."

Rhonda and Brent Cheek, a widower who works in data security, met through social media. Their first date was New Year's Eve a year ago. They had booked Graceland Chapel in Las Vegas for the first day of 2018 even before they posted photos of his formal proposal.

The couple headed for Las Vegas on Dec. 29, with the ensuing stay at the Bellagio Hotel, trip to the marriage license bureau and series of gourmet meals chronicled on Facebook. On Dec. 31 she clued in followers that they could watch the ceremony live on the Graceland Wedding Chapel Facebook page (weddings are archived by chronological order; look for 2 p.m. Jan. 1). By Jan. 3 the site reported about 2,900 views of the Cheek nuptials.

Now the couple is back home, and Rhonda Cheek is starting her third term representing the northern suburbs on the school board.