More than a dozen wrecks in Chesterfield County after snow storm

CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, SC (WBTV) - Chesterfield County Sheriff's deputies were busy pulling cars out of ditches Wednesday night after several inches of snow fell in parts of the county.

Sheriff Jay Brooks says they responded to about 20 cars in ditches in Wednesday night. The most serious crash happened on Highway 9 in front of the Cheraw Municipal Airport.

"We had a five-car pile-up right there," Sheriff Jay Brooks said. "Everyone just going too fast and too close together."

According to the National Weather Service, parts of Cheraw saw one to four inches of snow. While the sun melted a majority of the snow that fell in Chesterfield County, some roads still remain covered.

"The problem is going to be tonight when it's going to be 12, or 13 degrees or however low it will be, and all that will turn into black ice," Sheriff Brooks said.

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