Camera found hidden inside middle school, employee charged with voyeurism


YORK, SC (WBTV) - An employee at a middle school in South Carolina is being charged with voyeurism and exploitation of a minor after police say a young girl found a small video in the school restroom.

According to York Police, the girl found the camera inside the bathroom at York Intermediate School on November 16. She took the camera to a school district employee who said he would make the school administration aware.

But the girl's mother says after three days she did not hear anything from the school and decided to contact law enforcement.

Detectives from York Police contacted York Intermediate School administrators who were reportedly unaware of the incident and camera.

They worked together to identify the employee who the camera was turned over to and identified him as 44-year-old Jonathan Lamont King. Detectives took King's computer from the school and after thorough analysis of the computer issued warrants for his arrest.

"Still images from a deleted video was found, and those deleted images were that of a young female juvenile using a bathroom in that same bathroom that was located in that classroom,"  York Police Detective Kevin Hoffman said.

According to Police Chief Andy Robinson, King placed the camera inside the bathroom.

It was a flash drive camera that was placed underneath the sink facing the toilet. School officials say the bathroom where the camera was found was for students who were sent to in-school suspension.

School officials say King has been with the district for nine years and has been a teacher assistant at York Intermediate School for about two years. School leaders say a background check on King was done and turned up nothing.  Leaders says this was an isolated incident but will remain on alert.

"As a follow up we definitely will be more vigilant, watching out for those kinds of situations," York County District 1 Public Information Officer Tim Cooper said.

He was charged with two counts of voyeurism and one count of exploitation of a minor.

King turned himself in to the York Police Department on Wednesday and was booked into the Moss Justice Center.

York Intermediate School students return from winter break Friday, there will be counselors on hand if need be.

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