Crime Stoppers: CMPD seeks witness to late-night McDonald's robbery

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - There is a potential witness to a middle-of-the-night holdup at a McDonald's fast food restaurant that police want to hear from.

This person may have information they need to solve a crime two days before Christmas at the McDonald's on the 4400 block of S. Tryon Street.

"3:30 in the morning, two employees are outside on break," explained CMPD Detective Brandon Miller. "They were approached by a man with a gun."

Those employees, on the overnight shift, were herded back inside the restaurant by an armed man dressed in all black. He wore a black hoodie, black mask, black pants, black shoes, black gloves, and even had a black gun.

"Once inside, he orders them towards the back, this is where it kind of gets a little more dangerous."

Dangerous, because there are three more employees he has to deal with - a total of five that he orders to the manager's office. And this is a man who's in a hurry.

"He tells them they have 60 seconds. If they don't get the money in that 60 second time frame, then he's going to shoot them."

Then, something very telling - he somehow knows to demand THE one and only bag of money.

"One of the employees reported around this time is usually when they have the money, instead of register tills, they have money in a bag. But this particular night, it was busy, they hadn't put it in bags yet."

As he was forcing them to open the safe, a white van pulled up to the late-night window expecting to order. The driver might have been able to see what was going on inside.

"We're looking for help from this customer, whoever was driving an older-model white Ford van. We couldn't get the tag on it, it is a conversion style van and with the top it looks a little customized, so we need whoever was driving that van to give us a call."

His timing was perfect as employees took a break. He knew what to ask for and he was covered from head to toe.

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