Deep freeze about to get deeper in the mountains

Deep freeze about to get deeper in the mountains

BOONE, NC (WBTV) - The sun broke through the cloudy skies in the North Carolina mountains on Wednesday afternoon but it did not matter. Temperatures were still below freezing with the prospects of it getting much colder overnight.

Forecasters say some areas will see below zero weather and single digit highs on Thursday, because of that, some school systems are on a two-hour delay. The roads are clear and officials say as long as the buses will start and there is heat and water in the schools, classes will go on.

They do urge parents, though, to not let the kids wait at the bus stop. They asked that they be kept inside the house or a vehicle until they see the bus coming. Wind chills will be well below zero and officials say that can be dangerous for kids who stand outside for too long.

Authorities are also putting out a warning about frozen ponds and streams. Some people have been seen walking across them but experts say the ice may not be thick enough in places. People falling into the water could be in a life-threatening situation.

They urged people to stay away from the ice and report it if they see anyone trying to walk across a pond.

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