Woman attempts to help stray cat find a home, then something incredible happened

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - This is one of those stories you have to see to believe.

A Charlotte woman named Mila found a stray cat outside her home about a week ago. Concerned with the cold weather ahead, she took the cat in temporarily until she could find it a permanent home.

She called Spay Neuter Charlotte, a low cost animal care clinic, to inquire about getting the cat spayed.

Spay Neuter Charlotte has 3 locations in the area, with 12 operators who take randomly assigned calls. Mila's call went to the Pineville location and was answered by Tiya Williamson.

It was routine at first, until Williamson started taking Mila's information.

"She told me that she lived in the Charlotte area and we found out that we live on the same street," Williamson said.

That information piqued Williamson's interest.

"I didn't put it together until she said it was a gray and white cat," Williamson said.

She gasped when Mila told her the cat was the same color as her cat that went missing more than a month ago.

Williamson had put up flyers around her neighborhood with no luck. She had already begun to accept that her cat "Ashes", would never be coming back home.

Until that phone call. The call that could have gone to any one of 12 people at three different clinics. It's a story of fate that ended up with Mila rushing the cat to the Pineville location, in what would be a beautiful reunion.

"For me to be the one that answered that call, and it ends up being my cat, it's unreal," Williamson said.

Ashes wasn't a stray at all. And she had already been spayed. But she didn't have a microchip. Which she certainly does now that she's back home with her owner.

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