BLOG: Winter storm is nearing some counties near Charlotte

BLOG: Winter storm is nearing some counties near Charlotte

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - A winter storm finally showed up with all the available cold air that has been anchored over the Carolinas since Christmas Day. However, this one is rolling up the coast and dropping all the snow in the eastern half of North and South Carolina and sparing the greater Charlotte area.

Snow totals are already in the four-inch range around Summerville, SC. The heaviest snowfall will continue to push northward through the coastal plain and coastal counties of North Carolina and some interior counties could also be in line for four to six-inch snow totals.

You may have seen a radar image on your computer, or even the WBTV Weather App, which would seem to indicate a lot of precipitation is falling over Charlotte, but the lower atmosphere is very dry and the light snow falling aloft is evaporating before reaching the ground. With the storm moving away this evening, there is little time left for the atmosphere to be moistened enough by the snow for any significant snow to start reaching the ground.

Having said that, see the second image which is a map showing private citizens reporting what they are seeing.  You can see the very sparse reports of people seeing snow reaching the ground. They submit their reports using the Mping app for your phone. It is super easy! For more information, go here:

Meantime, don't forget to download the WBTV Weather App as well for the latest video updates and custom forecasts for your specific area. Go to your app store (as you would for Mping) and search for WBTV.  They are both free.

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