More than 40 CMS schools report heat-related issues as students return from break

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - CMS released Wednesday evening a comprehensive list of schools that were still reporting heat-related requests for service. Officials say some of those issues range from pipe breaks and boilers not working to electrical power outages.

Workers have responded to majority of those issues which were limited to hallways, classrooms or gyms.

On Friday, CMS said teams have made repairs and restored heat to the remaining systems affected by various issues ranging from broken pipes and boilers to power outages.

List of schools reporting heat-related issues:

  1. style="margin-left:0in;">Alexander Graham
  2. style="margin-left:0in;">Allenbrook ES
  3. style="margin-left:0in;">Ashley Park
  4. style="margin-left:0in;">Bain
  5. style="margin-left:0in;">Barringer
  6. style="margin-left:0in;">Berryhill
  7. style="margin-left:0in;">Billingsville ES
  8. style="margin-left:0in;">Blythe
  9. style="margin-left:0in;">Butler
  10. style="margin-left:0in;">Bruns
  11. style="margin-left:0in;">Cornelius
  12. style="margin-left:0in;">Davidson
  13. style="margin-left:0in;">Eastover
  14. style="margin-left:0in;">Elizabeth Lane
  15. style="margin-left:0in;">Grier Rd.
  16. style="margin-left:0in;">Hidden Valley
  17. style="margin-left:0in;">Highland Ren.
  18. style="margin-left:0in;">Hough HS
  19. style="margin-left:0in;">Hopewell
  20. style="margin-left:0in;">Joseph Grier
  21. style="margin-left:0in;">JT Williams
  22. style="margin-left:0in;">Marie G Davis
  23. style="margin-left:0in;">Mint Hill
  24. style="margin-left:0in;">Myers Park HS
  25. style="margin-left:0in;">Nations Ford
  26. style="margin-left:0in;">Newell
  27. style="margin-left:0in;">North Meck HS
  28. style="margin-left:0in;">Pineville
  29. style="margin-left:0in;">Paw Creek
  30. style="margin-left:0in;">Rama Road
  31. style="margin-left:0in;">Reedy Creek
  32. style="margin-left:0in;">Reid Park
  33. style="margin-left:0in;">Selwyn
  34. style="margin-left:0in;">Shamrock Gardens
  35. style="margin-left:0in;">Sharon ES
  36. style="margin-left:0in;">Smith
  37. style="margin-left:0in;">South Charlotte
  38. style="margin-left:0in;">South Meck
  39. style="margin-left:0in;">Southwest MS
  40. style="margin-left:0in;">Statesville Road
  41. style="margin-left:0in;">Thomasboro
  42. style="margin-left:0in;">Vance
  43. style="margin-left:0in;">West Charlotte
  44. style="margin-left:0in;">West Meck

List of schools reporting mobile classroom issues:

  1. style="margin-left:0in;">Albemarle Rd ES
  2. style="margin-left:0in;">Allenbrook
  3. style="margin-left:0in;">Bailey MS
  4. style="margin-left:0in;">Berryhill
  5. style="margin-left:0in;">Briarwood
  6. style="margin-left:0in;">Bruns
  7. style="margin-left:0in;">Dillworth
  8. style="margin-left:0in;">Druid Hills
  9. style="margin-left:0in;">Garinger
  10. style="margin-left:0in;">Hidden Valley ES
  11. style="margin-left:0in;">Huntingtowne Farm
  12. style="margin-left:0in;">JH Gunn
  13. style="margin-left:0in;">JW Grier
  14. style="margin-left:0in;">Matthews ES
  15. style="margin-left:0in;">Myers Park
  16. style="margin-left:0in;">Northpoint Transportation Trailer
  17. style="margin-left:0in;">Northridge ES
  18. style="margin-left:0in;">Oakdale
  19. style="margin-left:0in;">Park Rd
  20. style="margin-left:0in;">Piney Grove ES
  21. style="margin-left:0in;">Stoney Creek
  22. style="margin-left:0in;">Washam ES
  23. style="margin-left:0in;">Whitewater

Students at Hopewell High School had to relocate classrooms Wednesday morning after some rooms had no heat, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools says.

CMS officials say there was a "comprehensive relocation process" for students at Hopewell High. A spokesperson with CMS said classrooms were relocated "so that education may continue and students are not working in the cold."

In another incident, a parent said when she dropped her child off at Paw Creek Elementary School Wednesday there was no heat. We are waiting to hear back from the district about the reported incident.

On Tuesday, students who attend Sun Valley High School in Monroe returned from their winter break Tuesday with no heat. Officials with Union County Schools said they checked all schools Monday to make sure the heat was working properly for students' return. They say between Monday and Tuesday morning something went wrong with the heat at Sun Valley High School and at about six other Union County schools.

Sun Valley High School students who didn't want to be identified in fear of retaliation say conditions inside their classrooms were unbearable. They say it was freezing.

The principal of Sun Valley High School issued the following statement to parents Tuesday afternoon:


District leaders say there was a control issue with the heat at Sun Valley High School that caused the heat not to work. A maintenance crew checked the system Tuesday at Sun Valley High and fixed the problem within 90 minutes, school officials say.

Officials are urging students to dress warmly and use the Here Comes the Bus app to prepare for the colder temperatures.

North Mecklenburg High School is expected to re-open Thursday morning. The makeup day will be Jan. 22

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