Colder than where?

Hello everyone.  This is Paul Cameron at my desk in the WBTV Newsroom, getting ready for out 11:00 broadcast.

Tonight, you know how cold it is here, but did you know we are colder than Juneau, Alaska?  It was 40-degrees there today.  We barely cracked 33.  And by this time tomorrow, snow will likely be falling on the Carolina beaches.  That's right, snow at the coast.  Snow flakes predicted from north Florida all the way up the east coast.

We found a restaurant worker who is living outside in the cold.  Reporter Alex Giles says his employer is making sure he won't have to endure another frigid night.

Also, tonight, we've learned a deputy working in Colorado, who was killed responding to a domestic call on New Year's Eve, has roots in the Charlotte area.   We're talking with Zachari Parrish's friends who grew up with him in Union County.  They all remember a young man with an infectious personality who always wanted to be in law enforcement.

Eric Thomas will have the latest in your First Alert Forecast, and Delano Little is talking Panthers pre-playoffs.  All at 11:00 tonight!