Wedding ring, valuables stolen from 81-year-old Gastonia man’s home while he was at church

GASTONIA, NC (WBTV) - An 81-year-old Gastonia resident said thieves kicked in the back door of his Old Forge Drive home Sunday and ransacked his house.

The man spoke to WBTV about the incident under the condition of anonymity.

He said the break-in happened Sunday morning while he was at church. When he and his wife returned home they noticed their house had been broken into.

"The place was a mess and we smelled Clorox immediately," said the homeowner.

He said the thieves poured Clorox all over the house. He thinks it was an attempt by the suspects to cover up their tracks.

He snapped photos of the aftermath on a cellphone. The thieves rummaged through closets and dressers before leaving the house.

A report filed with the Gastonia Police Department lists several items that were stolen including a diamond engagement ring and a diamond bracelet. Both items are worth thousands of dollars.

Several other expensive pieces of jewelry were taken. Medicine and nasal spray were also stolen from the home.

"The biggest thing was the sentimental value. That's the truth right there," said the homeowner.

He and his wife said they hope the break-in suspects are caught soon.

"Enjoy what you did because you will be repaid sooner or later for it," said the man.

He said he thinks the break-in had been planned.

Anyone with information about the incident should contact the Gastonia Police Department.

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