New NC law puts drivers, police on the same page

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - A new law for North Carolina drivers just getting their license went into effect January 1, 2018.

Lawmakers wanted to be proactive when keeping drivers safe when they get pulled over by police. National headlines of police involved shootings during traffic stops birthed House Bill 21. It tells drivers what to expect when confronted by law enforcement.

"That's somewhat the intent of the bill," NC Representative Rodney Moore said. "It's more so to educate our newer drivers about how the procedures are with a traffic stop and how to deal with a law enforcement while you are out on the roads."

Moore co-sponsored the bill. He hopes this law will help save lives and put police and drivers on the same page.

"When you get stopped by police it's a very tense moment," Moore said. "I think you are very on edge and things tend to happen."

The North Carolina Highway Patrol, North Carolina Association of Police Chiefs and the North Carolina Sheriff's Association all weighed in to determine what safety procedures should be included in the handbook.

The law also states drivers will be instructed on actions they should take during a traffic stop, this will include appropriate interactions with law enforcement officers. Moore is concerned this law will place most of the responsibility on the driver and not the officer.

"Any type of information can help, but it's still incumbent upon the law enforcement official to really be trained and understand how to make a stop and how to control the situation," Moore said.

Moore thinks House Bill 21 is a step in the right direction but doesn't want it to slow down having the real conversation he claims needs to take place throughout the state.

"If it's going to save lives then it's a good thing. We need to continue to have conversations to talk about profiling," Moore said.

The politician says he will still work to bring the conversation of profiling to the forefront.

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