Fire displaces family of three in Lenoir

LENOIR, NC (WBTV) - A fire that authorities believe was weather related destroyed a home in Lenoir and sent the family who lived there looking for another place to live.

While the exact cause has not been pinpointed, investigators believe it may have started with too many items, including a heater, being plugged into the same outlet.

The family inside escaped unharmed and is being helped by the Red Cross. Firefighters had to work in shifts to fight the blaze because of the cold temperatures.

"It was 17 degrees when we got here," said Lenoir Fire Chief Ken Briscoe.

At those temperatures, say officials, it is dangerous for firefighters as well. Water freezing on pavement can cause them to fall, equipment can freeze up and there is always the risk of hypothermia.

"We have to work them in shifts," said Briscoe.

In this case, the firefighters were all ok.

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