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Making a New Year’s resolution? Charlotteans have an edge over people in other cities.

(Patrick Schneider | The Charlotte Observer) (Patrick Schneider | The Charlotte Observer)

CHARLOTTE, NC (Lavendrick Smith/The Charlotte Observer) - When people think of where they want to ring in the new year, Charlotte isn’t at the top of the list.

At least that’s according to WalletHub, which ranks Charlotte as 60th on a survey of the 100 biggest U.S. cities to celebrate New Year’s Eve.

But fret not, Charlotteans. You have a leg up on other cities in another category: keeping a New Year’s resolution.

In another survey, WalletHub pegged the Queen City as the 28th best city to stick to a resolution.

The personal finance site analyzed 182 cities based on their ability to help people maintain some of the most popular resolutions — things such as promises to better ones health or finances. For example, for people who promise to improve their health, a city’s access to gyms and healthy food was weighted.

In Charlotte, WalletHub suggests the Queen City is a good place to maintain resolutions related to work or improving relationships with others.

Of course, keeping a New Year’s resolution is difficult.

One study published to Statistic Brain, showed that 41 percent of Americans usually make resolutions, though about 55 percent of people give up on them within six months.

Only about 9 percent of people feel they’re ultimately successful in holding onto their resolution.

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