Charlotte foster dog has puppies Christmas morning

Charlotte foster dog has puppies Christmas morning
(Credit: Michele Ruse)
(Credit: Michele Ruse)

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Michele Ruse lives in Charlotte and says she rescues beagles for Magic's Mission Beagle & Hound Rescue, Inc. Recently she pulled three senior grandma beagles from Andersen, SC to foster here in Charlotte.

To her surprise, one was pregnant.

"Edna" had seven beautiful puppies on Christmas morning. Five boys and two girls. All healthy.

Edna also seems to be doing well. She only has one tooth so her tongue hangs out all the time, which is adorable.

All seven puppies will be available for adoption after they're weaned, Michele said.

"This time of year people are dumping dogs left and right," Michele said. "We're picking up their leftovers, so to speak. Wondering if you would want to share this as some good news about helpless animals that can't help themselves?"

Yes. Of course.

I've had great time off with the kids this week... intentionally not spending as much time "online"... but what a lesson these photos can be. Parker is beside me as I type this. Because of Michele's note we just had a long conversation about taking care of your animals and never having more than you can handle. A good story for all ages.


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