Video of Cam Newton’s son dancing goes big on social media

Video of Cam Newton’s son dancing goes big on social media

CHARLOTTE, NC (Mark Price/The Charlotte Observer) - Cam Newton's 2-year-old son Chosen is getting serious attention on social media for his pint-sized dance moves.

The Carolina Panthers posted a video on Christmas Eve, showing Chosen dancing to the Travis Scott & Quavo song "Black & Chinese," and it has racked up more than 2 million views on Twitter and Instagram.

In the 19-second video, Cam Newton calls the boy by the nickname Cho, and cranks up the volume. The two dance in sync for a few seconds, then Chosen begins a full dance routine of his own that concludes with him balanced on the floor, shaking his head up and down. And it all happens with him carrying a ball in one hand.

Chosen celebrated his birthday on Christmas Eve.

"The mood when you know you're about to double up on gifts because it's your birthday and Santa comes tomorrow," Cam Newton commented in his Instagram post. "My little Chosen, a rock star on the low."

Newton posted the video on Instagram on Christmas, and it has been reposted on other social media sites, adding to the views. Newton has 4 million Instagram followers.

The says the video was taken in the Panthers locker room Sunday, after the team beat the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. News sites have pointed out that the boy's moves are similar to videos posted on social media of Cam Newton dancing during Panthers practice.

"The older Newton, known for his touchdown celebrations and charismatic style, might have nothing on his offspring," noted the website "Cam Newton's 2-year-old son Chosen breaks it down."