Ballantyne neighbors stunned after car crashes through fence, speeds away

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - A Ballantyne West neighborhood is still reeling after an unwelcome Christmas Eve surprise.

Surveillance video of a homeowner's driveway shows two cars about to pass by, when one suddenly veers way off the road, smashing into a tall white fence and screeching away.

"Taking the entire festive mood out of the season," neighbor Niraj Bhatt says.

Many neighbors of the area just off Ballantyne Commons Parkway were taken off guard by this Christmas collision. It reportedly happened right at midnight.

"We didn't expect, especially on Christmas Eve, [someone] doing something like that," Bhatt says.

Monday, the crash has left a gaping hole in this home's fence. The residents say they were home at the time, when they heard a loud bang.

CMPD officers say they are investigating the incident, but do not have any leads. They know they are looking for a dark four-door SUV.

Neighbors Monday are stunned, saying they are glad no one was hurt this holiday, in this car's startling off-road wreck.

"I've not heard of anything like this happening in this neighborhood," Bhatt says.

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