Amazon offers to deliver tiny homes to Charlotte buyers, city leaders discuss regulations

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Ever considered buying a tiny home? Now, Amazon is selling tiny homes that can be delivered to home buyers here in Charlotte.

The shipping containers turned tiny homes start at $36,000 with about a $4,000 shipping and handling fee.

As more Queen City home buyers opt into this unique market, Charlotte city leaders are trying to figure out how to regulate them.

"I would hope people take the time to learn, what are the rules and regulations, what are the policies within the city of Charlotte?" said Charlotte City Council Representative for District 3, LaWana Mayfield.

Mayfield said those very questions came up a few months ago, when a developer proposed a neighborhood of just tiny homes. But city code hasn't quite caught up with the tiny home movement.

"Currently we do not have language in our zoning for tiny homes, but there's a number of other questions," said Mayfield. "If I were to order a tiny home, would I be able to set this home up and have all of the amenities. Are there power lines in that area?"

According to Mayfield garbage pickup, access to running water and sewer may also be issues.

Mayfield said tiny living is a great idea, but there are still a lot of unknowns that could take city leaders a while to sort through.

"I would hope that people would do the extra step to do some research before just ordering and saying you can have a home delivered to you today. Let's think about what tomorrow looks like," said Mayfield.

Charlotte's Housing and Neighborhood Development Committee is still researching the best way to classify and zone tiny homes.

Mayfield said for now, anyone considering buying a tiny home should contact the city's planning department first to see if utility services will be available.

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