Some Panthers PSL owners worried about future despite playoff clinch

Some Panthers PSL owners worried about future despite playoff clinch

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - The Panthers have clinched a spot in the playoffs earning another NFC South title in three years. It's a time you'd expect fans to be celebrating, but some say they're upset because the team is being sold and they don't know what that means for those who own permanent seat licenses or a PSL at the Bank of America Stadium.

For a fee, personal seat licenses gives you rights to buy specific seats for life, but those fees are what helps pay for the Bank of America Stadium. So if the new Panthers owner wants to relocate the team, some of these PSL holders feel like they will have been cheated.

There will soon be new ownership of the Carolina Panthers now that Jerry Richardson, who founded the team, has put the Panthers organization up for sale. New ownership opens the door to a new age of uncertainty and a roller coaster ride of emotions for some fans.

All of this comes after the NFL started an investigation on Richardson after several allegations of sexual harassment and racial discrimination claims. The biggest question many seem to have is if the Panthers will stay in the Queen City with all of the coming changes.

Panther fans who are PSL owners are highly affected as they have hundreds if not thousands invested in stadium seats. The seat license is supposed to be for life, but if the Panthers are relocated that could be a huge financial loss for them.

"Permanent means permanent, not 25 years and we're gone," says Chris Richardson.

Chris Richardson is a PSL holder of 16 years, she says she's very concerned and does not want her money thrown down the drain if the team is no longer in Charlotte.

"I'm on a fixed income, this is our one indulgence and we enjoy it. We're big fans," Richardson adds.

From the time the Panthers franchise was built in 1995, Dwight Morrison and Steve Nelson have held a PSL. They say there's nothing to worry about and too much is at stake for the team to up and leave.

"Yeah, we're going to be here we're not going nowhere," Morrison believes.

"I just think they're going to stay here. I think there's too many people who want them to stay here and I think the NFL probably wants them to stay here and I don't know where they would go," says Nelson.

We won't know if the ownership will have an affect on those with PSL agreements until after the team has been sold.

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