Thousands fill Concord Mills Mall for last minute holiday shopping

(Bria Bell/WBTV)
(Bria Bell/WBTV)

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - It's crunch time, if you haven't finished your holiday shopping. But you're not alone, stores are expected to be packed all weekend with thousands of  last minute shoppers.

The pressure is on to finish getting gifts. Shoppers have compared today to Black Friday, they say the crowds are a lot less pushy and store shelves are bare.

You either hate or love scrambling to do some last minute holiday shopping.

Concord Mills Mall was a packed house, shoppers filled the place to look for the best sales and grab the perfect gifts.

The clock is ticking as Christmas Day is right around the corner.

"We went down the list and we found a couple more things that we needed and we decided to do it today," says last minute shopper Angel Gonzalez.

Not all last minute shoppers are procrastinators, Angel Gonzalez says he's been working to finish his holiday shopping for over two weeks now. He says lately he's been slammed working at the post office and that's been getting in the way of his gift giving.

"It's harder for me to come and shop because they've got me working 6 days a week."

If you are trying to compete with Santa Clause, there's one more day to try and get that job done.

Some people are already gearing up for the after Christmas sales. These large crowds will continue to pack the malls for a little while longer.

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