Holiday crowd handles "busiest travel day" with grace at Charlotte Douglas according to travelers

(Bria Bell/WBTV)
(Bria Bell/WBTV)

Charlotte Douglas is expecting 30,000 people on top of the 100-thousand passengers that already come through on a daily basis.

That means whether you're flying out - or picking up loved ones at the airport, you can expect crowds.

More people means more luggage. Shailey Sharma, who landed in Charlotte by the way of Baltimore, says her suitcase was picked up by someone else as a group of travelers were shuffling in the baggage claim area.

The good news: airport workers were able to contact the other person who grabbed the wrong suitcase.

Despite the small mishap, Sharma like many others seemed to be in the holiday spirit by not letting the large number of people inside the airport get to them.

"We walked in , the lines were long. I wouldn't deny that. But people were cordial with smiling faces. Everybody's excited and the staff was really moving us through," Sharma said.

A therapy dog was available for travelers to pet before boarding planes to help ease the stresses of catching flights.

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