‘UFO footage’ suggests alien craft hovered over eastern NC

‘UFO footage’ suggests alien craft hovered over eastern NC

CHARLOTTE, NC (Mark Price/The Charlotte Observer) - A self-described UFO investigator has posted video on YouTube that suggests a group of alien aircraft were recently seen hovering over Spring Lake, North Carolina, which is about two and a half hours east of Charlotte.

The video has gotten nearly 70,000 views since being posted Dec. 20 by Blake Cousins, who claims to have spent the past decade investigating UFO sightings.

Cousins, who has his own YouTube channel, identifies the person who captured the video only as Jenn N and says it was taken at 5:23 p.m. in a parking lot last week. The minute-long footage shows five lights that appear to drop from the clouds on the horizon, then four of them begin to fly in formation, as Jenn N keeps asking: "Whoa, what is this? What the hell is that?" The fifth light seemed to disappear.

A publication called the Daily Star in United Kingdom wrote about the mysterious footage Thursday, under the headline: "Woman stunned as FOUR UFOs appear overhead in formation in startling video." It referred to the alleged aircraft as "a fleet" of UFOs that terrified the witness.

The video was posted not long after The New York Times reported the Defense Department had a secret program that had been investigating unidentified flying objects, run by a military intelligence official based in the Pentagon. The shadowy program dates back to 2007, it was reported.

Reaction to the footage on social media has ranged from belief it was real to jokes that it proves only that aliens might live above a Walmart parking lot in North Carolina.

"I have a theory," said YouTube commenter Barbara Ryan. "I feel the government is about to confirm ET life because ET is about to reveal itself to Earth. I've been thinking this for over a year now and I think I'm right. I myself (have) seen at least a dozen UFOS in my life.?"

"Start prepping, sharpen those swords, put the boots on its getting closer for war of the worlds," posted Stevan Bardot.

The dots appeared in the vicinity of Fort Bragg and Pope Air Force Bases, which led others to suggest it was nothing more than military craft using special lighting...or parachuting exercises using attached lights.

"Those are the skydivers in NC that dive with molten aluminum flares. There are many other videos of the same thing from North Carolina. The telltale sign is the way they leave a sort of trail and zig-zag around the sky, all-the-while slowly drifting towards the ground," said one commenter on YouTube.