Thief steals children's gifts from Hickory family

HICKORY, NC (WBTV) - It sounds like that old, familiar Christmas tale. An intruder, taking children's gifts, leaving only fallen pine needles in their place.

"It's all gone, every bit of it," Amanda Boston says.

For Boston, that tale is all too real.

"Right here at Christmas, it's horrible," she says.

Boston says she found her home Thursday morning, ransacked. Her family is missing many belongings, including some of the TV's, a DVD player, and all the children's gifts she worked hard to save the money for.

"All this time, we spent all this time and energy on it, and everything's gone," she says.

One of Boston's kids is five, the other just one year old. That baby just recovered from heart surgery, and Boston wanted to make the holiday special for both her children.

"I've got to figure out, something," she says.

Boston says amid the baby's surgery last month, bills went on the back burner. The choice now – pay them, or find new toys for under the tree.

"It's a lot," she says, with a sigh.

The break-in has been reported to Hickory Police, but there has been no arrest.

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