Charlotte barber looking to make impact after personal tragedy

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Terry Long and Josh Davis were teenagers when they were shot and killed in Charlotte back in 2008. Their god-brother, Eddie Catlin, was with them when it happened.

"After they got killed I was very disturbed by it and right there I knew I had to make a change," said Catlin.

Catlin said he returned to school and got his degree and then went to school to learn about being a barber.

"The barber shop has always been known for you know, advice," said Catlin.

About two months ago, Catlin opened his own barber shop over on Shamrock Drive in northeast Charlotte. In the barber shop you will find televisions, an Xbox and snacks. Catlin says he wants to create a place where young people can come and feel safe.

"I just hope they come in here, chill, have a good time and while they are in here, keep them out of trouble," said Catlin.

Catlin says he was a troubled youth who grew up with his father behind bars and getting into trouble himself.

He says those experiences help him relate and understand those young people that come in a see him. He builds relationships with them in hopes they make good decisions.

"I have had customers that I cut their hair and they die, went out here and got killed," said Catlin. "The split second of you taking someone's else life can change your life and thousands of others life."

On any given week, dozens of young people will come to him to get cleaned up, but also for advice about life and struggles they are dealing with.

"Some have good attitudes and some have bad attitudes, and I tell them if I can do it, anyone can do it," said Catlin.

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