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Single mom without transportation receives donated car

(Devin Futrelle-WBTV) (Devin Futrelle-WBTV)
(Devin Futrelle-WBTV) (Devin Futrelle-WBTV)
(Devin Futrelle-WBTV) (Devin Futrelle-WBTV)

A single mom without transportation has now received keys to a new ride. 

Christina Turner, mom of a two-year-old and 5th-grader, was gifted a car at the Pregnancy Support Center in Salisbury Thursday afternoon.  Christina said she had been praying for a car for some time.

"I am so very grateful to her family for donating the car," Turner said. "It's a huge blessing to me and my family.  For someone to be able to do such a thing for somebody they don't even know, so I'm just so thankful, overjoyed, thankful to God as well for using them to bless me."

Former Wheel of Fortune winner Molly Bronson donated the car to the center.  Bronson recently had a big payday on the game show and wanted to donate the car that she had been driving.

"Oh, it was incredible just to see her excitement," Bronson told WBTV.  "It's something that I think a lot of us take for granted, having the ability to just hop in the car and go, and her older son is 11 and she's been a mom for 11 years having to use public transportation, and to hear her be so grateful to have that option but also to know how much this is going to change their lives."

Shari Evans, Executive director at PSC, says  "we are going to be able to not only give Christina a car this Christmas but also open up so many new opportunities for this family."

A volunteer says local mechanic Cale Alligood insured the car was mechanically sound. The volunteer also says six-months insurance coverage will be paid on the car.

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