Crime Stoppers: Man hits same business twice, doesn't get a dime

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - An unusual burglary happened recently at an unusual business in South Park. One man broke into the same insurance office on back-to-back nights, and he dressed two different ways.

There are holiday wreaths hanging on the doors at Northwestern Mutual Insurance. Through them, we can see a man wearing a red hoodie over a cap and gloves on surveillance video. He also has recognizable brown loafers.

Somehow, he gives the double doors a big yank, and one door opens.

"Pretty strong guy," said CMPD Detective Brandon Miller. "He just breaks the lock or somehow jars the lock loose and pops the door open."

He's clearly strong, but this is not his night.

"He goes straight to the safe, but realizes he can't get to the safe."

That safe is apparently locked in an inner office.

"So, he comes back the next night."

That's right, the very next night he comes back. But this time, instead of the hoodie, he shows up dressed up like a businessman with an open collar shirt, a sports jacket, eyeglasses, a satchel, and he's wearing the same loafers.

Once again, he yanks hard on one door and it flies open. This time, he has a plan. And it starts with taking off his socks.

"He takes his socks off his feet and puts them on his hands. It's kind of backward to me, you would think he'd put his socks on before the break-in. He left fingerprints on the front door."

Detective Miller believes he must have had prior knowledge about the safe in the back. We don't have video once he goes in, but the detective explained what happened.

"He gets hold of the safe and takes it up to the top flights of the stairs, kicks the safe downstairs to get the safe open, but the safe doesn't."

No cash and no jewels - he leaves with just the socks on his hands.

"He breaks in and it's really not worth his trouble."

He didn't get a dime, but if caught he can be charged with breaking-and-entering.

Help police catch this man. Call Crime Stoppers at 704-334-1600 and be one of the many who've earned a Christmas cash reward. You won't leave your name and you won't be called to court.

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