South CLT rezoning starts talk of traffic congestion across city

. - It is a problem across all of Charlotte.

"It's just enough, we have enough traffic," Meryl Hunt said.

Traffic is the main reason a group of neighbors who live near the arboretum shopping center came to Charlotte city council meeting Monday, signs of protest in hand, to fight further development of the area.

"We have plenty of food choices, plenty of supermarkets," Hunt said.

A new supermarket, a bank and parking were approved for the area on the southeast corner of Pineville-Matthews Road and Providence Road, at Monday night's meeting, but not without councilman Ed Driggs addressing the concerned crowd.

"We're aware of your opposition and we take it very seriously," he said.

Driggs said congestion is a policy problem for the city, but not a basis to deny a single petition.

"Frankly colleagues, I fault us a little bit," he said in the meeting. "I think we're behind in terms of recognizing the issue of congestion, and the problems that are being created in our city."

Some residents feel like more should be done.

"At some point they have to say it's enough and stop approving the projects, stop putting the development in there," Hunt said.

That group of residents said they have been fighting this rezoning all year, but they are still glad their voices were heard Monday.

WBTV reached out to the developer after the vote Monday which was after business hours. We are currently awaiting a response.

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