Charlotte attorney shares expertise on legitimacy of investigation into Panther owner Jerry Richardson's workplace conduct

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Carolina Panther fans say they are remaining loyal and waiting to hear what comes from an investigation the organization is conducting into possible workplace misconduct by owner Jerry Richardson.

The loyalty of Panther fans knows no bounds.

"Oh I'm die hard. I've been a fan since '95," says Carolina Panther fan Dylan Pritchett.

"I'm a season ticket holder so we come to all the games," says Traci Stevenson who has attended every home game so far this year.

The Panthers currently sit atop the NFC South Division, so these loyal fans are already leaning on the possibility of a Superbowl appearance.

Stevenson adds, "You can never say no. You have to believe in your team."

Now that the Panthers have announced team owner Jerry Richardson is under investigation by an outside law firm for workplace misconduct, the vague details are leaving fans with a lot of questions.

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"With Mr. Richardson's track record. It's hard to see anything bad come his way," says Pritchett.

Alonzo Alston is a lawyer in Charlotte and has seen similar cases like Jerry Richardson's.

Alston is not a part of the investigation, but he says from a legal standpoint this investigation is to simply protect the Panther organization.

This investigation will be overseen by part-owner Erskine Bowles, leading to questions on if this will be a fair investigation.

"Even though he is a partial team owner, I think he has the best interest of the organization at heart," Alston says.

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The team is not required to release any more information so we could be left in the dark about how it moves forward, but despite that Alston believes the team will continue to perform.

"I think the Panthers have dealt with larger distractions in the past. I don't think that management office issues are going to change their season. They've lost a general manager this year."

The Panther organization did not say if a current or former employee made the complaint or if there were multiple complaints.

"I believe it will be a fair process and that he will get the truth."

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