A familiar face may be looking to return to the UNC Charlotte basketball program

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Coach Bobby Lutz may be a contender to get his old job back on the UNC Charlotte Campus.

"I want to put myself in the position to be a head college basketball coach," he said. "It is their decision. They'll have a list. Whether I would apply or not wouldn't matter.They'll have a list of who they think the coach will be."

Too many losses during the 2017-2018 led to ouster of Mark Price, and social media campaign wants another head on the chopping block.

This one is aimed at Athletic Director Judy Rose.

Students understand the frustration.

The timing comes when much of the campus takes on the look of a ghost town.

It is finals week, and graduation is scheduled for this coming Saturday.

While the end of the semester exit strategy is underway, students who are wrapping their studies are hoping that a new coach can help a challenged program on the hard wood reach new heights.

Meanwhile, Lutz wants another chance. His run here ended at UNC Charlotte after being fired 2010, but he brought to the program a record of 218 victories and 158 losses.

Under Lutz's tenure, the 49ers made it to the NCAA tournament five times, but could there be a second chance.

He said, "It's a story that probably doesn't happen very often getting back together, but I'm definitely gonna purse opportunities."

The first challenge for Interim Coach Houston Fancher begins next week against East Carolina University.

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