Stay safe on the road this season with these driving tips!

Stay safe on the road this season with these driving tips!
North Charlotte driving tips
North Charlotte driving tips

At this point in time, you're probably figuring out what you're doing this holiday season. There are plenty of things to decide on like who is hosting family dinner, where you'll open presents, and more! One thing you shouldn't forget this holiday season are a few safe driving tips. That way your family can stay protected during the hectic holiday travel season in and outside of North Charlotte. Our team has selected some of the most important holiday safe driving tips to remember.

Remember these safe driving tips for holiday traveling

We want to make sure you're driving safely this holiday season! That's why we've picked out a few of our favorite tips to help keep you safe and aware when you're traveling on the road this season.

Leave early

You may already know this, but the roads in North Charlotte can get pretty hectic during the holiday season. To make sure that you arrive at your destination on time, we suggest leaving early! This will provide a buffer of time that will help keep you stress-free on the road.

Know an alternate route

Sometimes traffic can pile up to the point where you just have to find a new route! That's why it's important to have a plan B in mind before you take a road trip. If not, you can always use the Toyota navigation technology that's available in our new North Charlotte Toyota models.

Expect traffic

During the holidays, you can expect tons of North Charlotte traffic. That can be incredibly stressful if you're trying to get somewhere by a certain time. It's important to remember to stay calm whenever you're stuck in a traffic jam. Panicking will just more than likely cause you to drive recklessly. We suggest following these safe driving tips during heavy traffic:

  • Avoid distractions
  • Drive slowly
  • Leave plenty of room between cars

Get rid of distractions

As we mentioned earlier, you should avoid distractions when you're dealing with holiday traffic. Your only focus should be on the road so you can adapt to the traffic ahead whenever you need to. Here's what you need to do to avoid distracted driving:

  • Keep both hands on the steering wheels and your eyes on the road
  • Put your cell phone and other distractions away
  • Pay attention to the road and don’t rubberneck!

Hopefully, with the help of these tips, you'll have a relatively stress-free road trip this season!

Toyota of North Charlotte is here to help keep you protected this season

We want to make sure you have a safe holiday season on the road. So be sure to remember these safe driving tips to help keep you protected. If you need any more help with help with your driving, be sure to check out the Toyota of North Charlotte website.