How do parking prices at Charlotte’s airport compare to other cities?

How do parking prices at Charlotte’s airport compare to other cities?

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (LaVendrick Smith | The Charlotte Observer) - Flying during the holidays can be expensive, but Charlotte's airport has other cities beat in at least one expense: parking.

That's according to a survey by TravelBank, a travel and expense app that rates parking at airports. It lists Charlotte Douglas International Airport as having some of the cheapest parking in the country. (It's tied with Orlando's for least expensive, according to the survey.)

Travelers at Charlotte Douglas can enjoy long-term parking for $7 a day, according to the airport. Short-term, hourly parking at the airport is free for an hour. The parking costs $1 for every half hour after that and caps at $20 for a day.

"These airports clearly prioritize passenger satisfaction and keep their parking rates low and competitive with off-site companies," the survey said.

The priciest parking is at LaGuardia in New York, Boston Logan International Airport and Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, according to the survey. Those rates range from $37 to $70.

In November, Charlotte Douglas relocated its cellphone lot, where people can wait for their loved ones to arrive. That service, equipped with 150 parking spaces, is free.

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The parking is cheap for travelers who can manage to get a spot, which can be hard to do on peak days, like over the holidays.

One of the long-term parking options at the airport quickly filled up the Tuesday night before Thanksgiving. Parking could fill up around Christmas, as TSA announced Thursday it expects more than 40 million travelers nationwide.

Additional parking relief is expected near Charlotte Douglas in 2018. An off-site parking operator plans to open additional spaces on Wilkinson Boulevard in the spring. Pricing for those spots were still under discussion as of October.