Long View woman claims bank fired her for charitable act

Long View woman claims bank fired her for charitable act
(Amanda Foster/WBTV)
(Amanda Foster/WBTV)

LONG VIEW, NC (WBTV) - A Long View bank teller says she's out of a job after she tried to help a homeless man.

The woman claims she gave the man 20 dollars of her own money while on the clock, and then she was fired.

"He couldn't read, he couldn't write, and he couldn't do math," Sarah McDaniel says.

McDaniel says a man who came to her counter at the now-closed BB&T branch seemed desperate.

"My heart poured out and said this guy needs help," she says.

McDaniel says he told her he was homeless, and expecting a social security check to come in, but his account had too many overcharge fees and bad checks, and couldn't make a withdraw.

"He deserved to be helped as a client," she says.

So, McDaniel says she tried to help the man understand his situation. According to her side of the story, her manager wanted her to move on.

"Hurry up with him, get him out of here," she says she was told. "We need to get him out of here."

McDaniel says eventually, with the man outside, she had another teller take the last 20 dollars out of her own account. She says she gave it to the man, so he could eat.

"You're not allowed to give him money, you are fired," she claims her manager told her.

WBTV reached out to BB&T corporate tonight. They are familiar with the situation and say in part, "There is much more to this story," but they cannot comment further on a personnel issue.

For McDaniel, she says if it happened again, she would handle the situation the same way.

"Whatever's going on, you're supposed to be connecting, and you're supposed to love that person," she says. "And I grew up knowing that."

As for the man, she says she hasn't seen him since.

"I don't know what happened to him," McDaniel said.

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