29-year-old woman survives heart attack, so does her unborn child

(WBTV) - On the morning of July 2, Chris Severt heard a noise he knew wasn't right.

"I got up that morning, took the dog out, came back in, sat down in the chair and heard a weird noise coming from upstairs," Chris said.

Severt went into the bedroom to find his wife Mindy with her arms clinched into her chest, and unresponsive.

Severt said he could tell she wasn't breathing. He immediately started CPR, but it didn't work. Within minutes, first responders made their way to their Alexander County home in Hiddenite. They used an Automated External Defibrillator to bring back enough of a pulse to get Mindy to the hospital.

A helicopter then took the 18-week-pregnant woman to CMC's Sanger Heart Clinic in Charlotte.

She stayed for weeks while doctors tried to figure out what had happened to the seemingly healthy 29-year-old.

"They found out I had long QT syndrome, which is where the heart has pauses but they're longer than the normal pauses would be," Mindy said.

Mindy was put into a hypothermic state where her body temperature was reduced to 92 degrees, she went through two major heart surgeries. All these were at attempt to save her life. Her husband says, "The main goal at that point in time, I mean, if she didn't make it, he wasn't going to make it."

Mindy was released from the hospital with a pacemaker and all doctors could tell her, was that her unborn baby had a heartbeat.

In the months that followed, more tests showed the baby was growing normally, despite the barrage of procedures on his mother.

But still, the Severt's waited and hoped the procedures that kept Mindy alive, hadn't harmed their child.

On December 1st, a healthy baby Sawyer Severt was born, to a healthy mother.

"It was honestly the greatest feeling you could ever imagine," Chris said.

The three are now home and preparing to spend their first Christmas as a family, with their newborn 'Christmas miracle'.

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