Crime Stoppers: Teen burglars Christmas shopping the wrong way

Crime Stoppers: Teen burglars Christmas shopping the wrong way

. - A pair of teenage burglars are wanted by police after they did their Christmas shopping well after a store had closed for the night.

The incident happened at an usually busy strip mall near Albemarle and Redmond Road.

"Typically there are other restaurants around here that are open around that time and to still come in and to do what they did is just, quite shocking to me," said CMPD Detective Brandon Miller.

Why so shocking? Surveillance video shows them throw several bricks through a low front window at the Boost Mobile store. The brick didn't finish the job, but a few strong kicks did. The burglars then removed all the sharp glass by hand.

The natural assumption is they may have cut themselves, but no blood was found, however the suspects did leave evidence behind.

"There were fingerprints left. Our crime scene technicians came out, they got fingerprints off things inside the business," Miller added.

Once inside the store the two young men wearing hoodies and wearing all black, seemed confused.

"When they came in, they went straight for the office, they tried to get a key out, then tried to get cellphones," Miller said.

They couldn't get the locked-up cellphones, so they took the next best thing, Bluetooth headphones.

While they were passing the boxes from one crook to the other, we noticed the hoodie had fallen down on one of the young men, exposing his face.

"Got to stop these people, got to get people like this off the street.  Again, we're in a shopping center.  You break into a business that's facing a main road, you definitely need to be off the street," Miller said.

Right now, the two teenage burglars can't be connected to any other crimes, but if you know anything about the burglars, call Crime Stoppers at 704-334-1600.

You won't have to leave your name or appear in court and you will earn a cash reward to do your Christmas shopping the right way.

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