ADORABLE VIDEO: Kids write letters to Santa, Santa writes back

MOUNT HOLLY, NC (WBTV) - It's almost impossible to write stories about Santa without fears of 'ruining the magic' for any child that may be watching, but we found a way with this one.

A Gaston County USPS carrier has opened mailboxes on his routes and found dozens of letters to Santa in the past month.

Scrawled in tiny writing, wishes for a new bike, toys, and in some cases, just some markers.

Like any good carrier would do, James Gantt takes these letters and sends them directly to the North Pole. To an address on "Candy Cane Lane" to be exact.

What happens after that is a bit of magic. Here's a story that's safe for your kids to watch. Find out why Santa spends so much time making sure these letters don't go unanswered. Click the video to see the story.

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